Benjamin Britten's Noah's Flood

Benjamin Britten's Noah's Flood

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Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Friday, June 9, 2017 8:00 PM

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Ticket Pricing

  • Ticket Pricing
  • General Admission $35.00
  • VIP Dinner Package
  • Individual Seating, $150.00 per person
  • Table of 8, $1,000.00
  • VIP Dinner will be held at the Wichita Country Club, starting at 5:30pm

Event Info

Wichita Grand Opera concludes the 2017 Spring Season with a new production of biblical proportions: Benjamin Britten’s Noah’s Flood on June 9th at 8:00pm. Depicting the biblical story of Noah's ark, Britten’s opera begins as the Voice of God addresses Noah, announcing the forthcoming destruction of the sinful world. He commands Noah to build an Ark to provide salvation for he and his family. Agreeing with God, he calls upon his family to gather the necessary materials and begin work building the ark. While Noah and his family are hard at work, Mrs. Noah and the town gossips mock his vision of God and the work he was commissioned to do.

When the ark is completed, Noah tries to persuade his wife to board the ark, which leads to an argument. Once again, Noah hears the Voice of God, foretelling him of the impending forty days and forty nights of rain and the cataclysmic flood to follow, and instructs him to fill the ark with animals of every kind. As the animals arrive, two by two, Noah’s sons and their wives provide commentary of the animal’s arrival. Again, Mrs. Noah and the Gossips continue to mock, refusing to board the ark. Finally, Mrs. Noah is dragged aboard by her sons.

As the rain falls and the storm swells to a great height, the first verse of the naval hymn "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" is heard from the ark. The audience joins in the second and third verses of the hymn, during which the storm gradually subsides. Once the storm subsides and the seas are calm, Noah sends a raven out to locate dry land. When the raven does not return, Noah realizes there is dry land nearby. Soon a dove appears with an olive branch clutched in its beak, and the family accepts it as a sign of deliverance, and Noah thanks God.

Soon the Voice of God instructs everyone to leave the ark, setting the animals free. As they depart, the animals sing their Halleluiahs, as the people respond in kind. God promises to never destroy the Earth again with flood waters, and creates a rainbow as his reward. Noah’s family departs to their new lives, leaving Noah alone to speak with God, vowing he will never be tempted with sin and vengeance again.

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Holy Cross Lutheran Church


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